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Twilight Targa 2024

Welcome to the Twilight Targa Road Rally 2024

Welcome to the inaugural running of a new event for Stockport 061 – a twist on the 061 Targa Road Rally – welcome to the Twilight Targa Road Rally.
The event will run on a Motorsport UK Clubman Permit and also an Interclub Permit and will be based at Weeton Army Barracks, near Preston. The event will run approximately XX daylight tests and XX twilight/dusk tests with a total mileage of around 35 test miles. The special tests will run on a mixture of surfaces from tarmac, broken concrete and gravel tracks.

About the Twilight Targa

Competitor Information

The next event will be held on Saturday September 21st 2024.

Check back here for more information nearer the time.


Unfortunately the venue is non-spectator, however we welcome marshals!

Spectator Information

More info

Once we have more information about this event, we'll post it here.

Please keep checking back here for more details.

Marshal Information

Cones on a targa rally.
Stockport 061 marshals in action
Thanks Marshal
Stockport 061 Marshals setting a car off at the start of a targa
A car on a targa rally
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